Meet our members – The Church in Temecula

Jeremy Mueller

From Being Confused to Being Infused With Christ. My father was Catholic, and my mother was Pentecostal – this was the beginning of my being confused. Remembering first that my mother mainly took charge of raising me in the Christian ways, this was a help as I received the Lord

Leo Alvarez

I Found What I Want Not everybody gets to accept the Lord Jesus into their lives as their Savior. My case is one to be thankful for, and that is because I didn’t seek Him or try finding Him, but He sought me out and chose me. The church life

Nathan Brais

Salvation for a Purpose Being raised by a supporting and loving family, I’ve always had what I needed in life. A good education and positive examples from my parents always kept me from certain things—a preserving factor that I’m always thankful for. However, as I became a teenager I began

Raquel Domingez

Jesus Christ Is My only Goal I grew up in a Christian home. At a very young age I knew without a doubt that there was a God and that His heart was good towards me. However, it wasn’t until I was saved and baptized that my parent’s God became

Pat Justice

I Am Blessed in This Living Stream I met the Lord when I was a child in elementary school both from my grandmother reading me the Bible and the Christian school I attended. I accepted the Lord when I was 10 years old but did not have the full knowledge

James Justice

As with all blood brought, mouth confessing and heart receiving believers I longed to know the Word of God and it’s purpose. I received the Lord in my youth and many years later came to realize I was living my Christian life in name only. I owed so much unto

Debra Creed

 I received the Lord at a very young age. My mother told me that I would go down to the alter and pray at only five years old. I always knew I belonged to the Lord and was called for His purpose even though I did not know what God’s

Frank Manahan

I was saved and received the Lord Jesus eight years ago. I was going thru a family crisis and my life was in despair. I prayed desperately every day asking the Lord Jesus to help me. Then one day the Lord Jesus answered my prayer. A co-worker of mine named

Kimberly Brais

My Testimony and Vision I met the Lord in 1997 at the age of 13, at a youth Bible study. It was a very memorable moment since I had already had many conversations with the Lord since I was young. I remember clearly telling the Lord that during my youth I would