A Brief History

Around 2005, some Christians living in Temecula area began to pray for the Lord’s move in this area. Throughout the past years, more saints have moved and relocated to the city of Temecula. And in 2010, a brother opened his home for the Sunday (the Lord’s Day) meeting. As the Saints came together in prayer and fellowship a sense from the Lord echoed within that the Lord’s Table needed to be established for His testimony in Temecula. The Lord’s Table is referenced to many Christians as the Lord’s Supper, for the saints’ communion and the remembrance of the Lord. Since that time, we have been both practically and practicing the Lord’s Table followed by the praise to the Father in Temecula. Enjoyment overflows through the ministry of the age with the support of the Word of God and by the precious daily living experiences of the Lord are testified through those meeting on the Lord’s Day. Besides the Lord’s Table on Sunday; there are Bible study groups in different saints’ home respectively on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. There is also prayer meetings on Tuesday night in various saints’ home. The Saints participate actively and enjoy different kinds of gatherings and activities. Also as the Bible teaches us, always there is weekly gospel outreach in the communities for a testimony of Jesus and the glory of God.