Bibles for America (BfA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to distribute FREE copies of the New Testament Recovery Version Bible. It’s a unique study Bible that helps you understand God’s word with the following characteristics:

– Faithful to the original Greek text in accurate modern English translation

– Extensive notes emphasizing the revelation and application of the truth

– Outlines of each book, cross-references, charts and maps and more

Order your own copy now and get copies for your friends, family, and other fellow Christians. In addition, BfA offers an extensive amount of FREE Christian literature. We suggest you to order them at the same time.

Also you can download a free Mobile App “BfA Bible Study” (for both Android and iOS) to begin your Bible study in various ways.

What a wonderful way to get to know our Wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, and to enjoy all His riches in the Word!

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