Jesus Christ Is My only Goal

I grew up in a Christian home. At a very young age I knew without a doubt that there was a God and that His heart was good towards me. However, it wasn’t until I was saved and baptized that my parent’s God became my God.

I was saved at 8 years old at a children’s bible study meeting in my neighborhood and was baptized in 8th grade at the summer school of truth in the church in Santa Ana. It was also in my 8th grade summer school of truth that I had a real touch of the Lord. I experienced the Lord by calling on His name during my small group time. After calling on His name I was so happy and energized. I remember I just wanted to leap out of joy. I knew I had touched the Lord. After I was baptized I began to experience the Lord more and I realized that my life was no longer mine but the Lord’s.

In high school I had the view that I was saved and I wanted my life to be for the Lord. It was in 9th grade that I first heard about the full time training, which is a Bible truth and church service school in Anaheim. As a brother told me about this school, I had the sense this was of the Lord. I took this matter to the Lord and prayed telling Him if it was His will for me to go, I would go. Therefore, I began to live my life as if I would be going to the training. I believe that because of this decision I was preserved from giving myself to other things that wasn’t the Lord Himself. I wanted to be wholly for the Lord and nothing else.

It wasn’t until I went to college that the Lord began to reveal to me what I was saved for. After I graduated from high school I attended the west coast summer college training. I was deeply impressed to see many college students loving the Lord and pursuing the Lord in their college years. It was in this training that the Lord revealed to me His desire for me as a college student to serve Him on my campus. After this I couldn’t wait to start college. I had a deep desire to experience the church life as many college students had testified in that summer college training.

I attended Mt San Jacinto College which was close to my home. There were two brothers currently enrolled at the time I began my classes. With the support of the saints in Temecula through their prayer, time, and open homes, we began to have bible studies on campus, tabled once a week on campus, and began to meet in the homes weekly. The Lord blessed us with some new ones to take care of. As I learned to serve the Lord on campus, I began to know the Lord in a personal way; not knowing how to take care of new ones caused me to spend much private time with Him. I then transferred to Cal State Northridge to finish my BA degree. The Lord allowed me to experience a rich church life there. I had the opportunity to get built up with many students and families in the church in Los Angeles. I realized that I could not survive as an individual Christian but that I needed to be with my brothers and sisters to pursue the Lord in a strong way.

Throughout my college years my decision to go to the training was strengthened. My reasons to go to the full time training, however had changed throughout my high school and college years. My view of going to the training was no longer to build myself up spiritually but I realized that my going to the training was for the building of the Body of Christ.

Now, because of the Lord’s mercy and the prayer of the saints, I have finished my first term of the Full time training in Anaheim. The Lord is still revealing to me the matter of the Body of Christ that is on His heart. My relationship with the lord has become even more sweeter, genuine, and intimate than before. I praise the Lord for His mercy that has kept me all these years and for the members of His Body that the Lord has placed in my life that have helped me pursue Him through out all my years of my Christian life.