Salvation for a Purpose

Being raised by a supporting and loving family, I’ve always had what I needed in life. A good education and positive examples from my parents always kept me from certain things—a preserving factor that I’m always thankful for. However, as I became a teenager I began to seek other things outside of my Catholic religious background.

In my first year of college, I was approached by a missionary from South Korea who invited me to study the Bible with him. One day while I was in a one-on-one study with him, I read the words of Jesus from John 3 which said, “You must be born again.” As though a great light shone into my heart, I suddenly saw that the Bible was real and inwardly confessed the Jesus was God.

As I realized later, that was the moment that Jesus Christ came into me and made my spirit alive with His divine life. I had never experienced the words of the Bible like that before, it was as though the Lord Himself was in the room with me speaking them right into my heart.

I became heavily involved in the “college ministry” the Korean missionary volunteered with and spent a considerable amount of time reading, studying, and teaching the Bible to new believers. For a long period of time, I didn’t even have an interest in movies or worldly music, I simply read the Bible and spent time with brothers in the Lord all the time.

After about a year or so, I began to experience a downturn in my Christian experience. Although I wanted to love the Lord, I found that many of my old ways were haunting me. At a point, I felt I couldn’t go on and became severely depressed—my studies suffered as a result.

Around that same time, the Lord sovereignly brought believers into my life who met as the church in the same city where I was attending the university. One brother particularly helped me to begin to have faith again and overcome the dark feelings I was having of self-condemnation. One of the first lessons I learned was regarding the security and joy of my salvation. We also began to read the writings of Witness Lee together—something I was somewhat hesitant about at first.

One day, we were reading a book simply titled “The Economy of God” and one sentence broke upon me like the rays of the sun shining through a dark cloud: God’s desire is to dispense Himself into man. Something about these words imparted a vision into me that I could never forget, and has helped guide my growth as a Christian ever since.

After some time, I became clear that the messages I was hearing from general Christian pastors and other teachers had fallen short. I saw the Bible in a fresh way and began to exercise my spirit—touching the Lord consistently throughout the day. I had this precious ministry to thank for so much of my newfound joy. Their writings supplied me and connected with my Christian experience in a way I never saw from many other speakers and writers.

In the fall of 2006, I made a firm decision to leave the denominational group I had been so involved with—letting go of my service as the co-leader for the choir and my position in the “campus ministry.” I wanted to meet with Christians who saw the Body of Christ as something real, striving to experience Christ for more than just their own personal edification.

From that point on, revelation came upon me like rushing water flowing out of a giant water tower. I opened wide and dove into every meeting I could possibly attend—typically eight or nine meetings a week. In addition, I became very involved in the campus gospel outreach supported by the church. I was so impressed at how happy and genuine my fellow college students in the club were. I was full of joy and felt at home in the church.

I can summarize what I have come to see since that time with four major points out of God’s word:

1. Jesus Christ is Lord and the Head of all things to the church (Phil. 2:11; Eph. 1:22)

2. The Lord is the Spirit (1 Cor. 15:45b; 2 Cor. 3:17)

3. The Church is the Body of Christ (Rom. 12:4-5; Col. 1:18)

4. The New Jerusalem is the Goal of God’s Economy (Rev. 21:10; Heb. 11:10; 1 Tim. 1:4)

My simple prayer is that the Lord will carry me on in His way the rest of my life, and preserve me in the enjoyment of Himself. I am so happy that the Lord has saved me, rescued me from the destiny of unbelievers, and

showed me so many wonderful truths from His holy word. As I continue to grow in Him and learn to serve Him, I pray that others would be inspired to love and enjoy Him too.

Editor’s Remark: “The Economy of God” means “the Household administration/arrangement of God.” “Economy” (1 Tim 1:4) is translated from original Greek text “oiko-nomia,” oiko means household and nomia means administration/arrangement of distribution. It means that for the sake of dispensing the riches of God to His household, the church, He has a household arrangement for this distribution.