I Found What I Want

Not everybody gets to accept the Lord Jesus into their lives as their Savior. My case is one to be thankful for, and that is because I didn’t seek Him or try finding Him, but He sought me out and chose me.

The church life at a young age is pretty much going to “Church meetings” because the parents force the child. I came into the church life because my mom started going to the meetings once my cousin opened up the Bible and explained to her how everything that was practiced where she went was biblical and my mom was captured, so that means I also had to go to the meetings. The church life became a routine to me because it was something that I got used to growing up, and that was the Friday night meetings for young people and the Lord’s Table every Sunday morning.

Eventually, I stopped going to the meetings because I felt that I would be fine without going to any meetings and that I could manage my life without the Lord being near me. I got a job at nineteen years old and it felt good making money and not having to pay any bills; therefore, I had a good amount of money to spend on myself or on whatever I desired. At the same time I started dating a really attractive girl, I truly thought that there was nothing else I needed, but deep down in me was a feeling of emptiness, and I didn’t know why or what it was.

Even though I wasn’t going to any church meetings, I decided to go Summer School of Truth in July of 2013. Summer School of Truth is a camp for young believers that love the Lord Jesus, and is held every summer in Big Bear for a whole week. Even though I couldn’t stay the whole week because of work, I stayed till Wednesday night. A brother that was giving the message said something similar to this, “everything that isn’t the Lord will eventually become old and we as human beings will desire more and more but we won’t ever be satisfied.” That moment I realized what my purpose was in this life I’m living in. After the last meeting I drove back home, and driving down the mountain I felt like within me there was another person without realizing that it was the Lord Jesus. When I came back home I had no desire to be with the girl I was dating because I realized that she was not the one the Lord had for me.

My only longing was to know this person that was living inside of me, and everything else didn’t matter to me. It was a blessing to finally realize what my purpose was on this earth, and that is to serve the wonderful Jesus who created us and the Heavens and the earth. Everybody on this earth is seeking happiness, and the only person that can fill that happiness is the Lord Himself. I only speak because of the sweet experience I had, and anybody can have that experience, but they must open up to the Lord and speak to Him because He is a real person waiting to be accepted by everyone on earth.

Once the Lord became real to me I did something I never had done before, and that was reading the Bible. The Bible is The Book. If anyone wants to know the Lord Himself, the Bible needs to be read. Before opening up the Bible I pray and do some confession of my sins to the Lord in order to be refreshed by Him. The Christian life is one of ups and downs, but the key to stay is to always keep the heart open and soft towards the Lord Jesus.