My Testimony and Vision

I met the Lord in 1997 at the age of 13, at a youth Bible study. It was a very memorable moment since I had already had many conversations with the Lord since I was young. I remember clearly telling the Lord that during my youth I would serve Him all the days of my life if He would come into my heart.

I received initial salvation through a prayer time during a youth Bible study at the church I attended. After the message and a few worship songs the youth pastor asked us to close our eyes,and said that this needed to be a special time between us and the Lord. The pastor then asked us to repeat this prayer silently in our hearts if you have not asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. I felt compelled to repeat this prayer in my heart and after I did, I was not the same. It felt like there was an opening in the roof of the building and the Lord was shining His light directly into my heart. I have never experienced anything like this before and since in my life.

About 11 years after becoming a Christian and being involved in many different church groups and organizations, I became very spiritually thirsty, to point I felt like I was dying. I called out to the Lord and He heard my cry. Around the same time the Lord brought a dear brother to me and he began sharing with me each week something from messages he was hearing and from home groups he was attending—I had never heard of anything like it and I couldn’t help but be attracted to how visibly he enjoyed what he had heard, his face was almost glowing. I knew there was something different in his speaking and I wanted to hear more so I asked him where he heard these things. He told me that I had to come hear it for myself.

That is when he took me to a Friday night home meeting in Long Beach. I can’t even remember what was shared but I remember the feeling of being revived and rekindled in my love for the Lord. From that moment I knew that what I needed spiritually I would receive from meeting with these brothers and sisters. What I had read about in the New Testament, brothers and sisters meeting from house to house, reading and sharing the word together, I knew this was the way to meet as a Christian and I was so happy to have found a group of people endeavoring to meet in this way. Through a number of trials and a lot of prayer, I was able to begin meeting with the brothers and sisters in Long Beach in November of 2006.

After a few meetings I was given a version of the Bible with footnotes called the Recovery Version. Through reading the footnotes along with the Word, I was able to understand and receive revelation from the Lord. My personal study and in group Bible studies on campus I was strengthened and nourished by these footnotes. Along with a daily reading of a book titles “The Holy Word for Morning Revival”, I felt my relationship with the Lord and the other brothers and sisters deepen and become more real to me than ever before in my 11 years of being a Christian. I had also received a few booklets and books written by brother Witness Lee and Watchman Nee to help in my understanding and growth in the Word. The Lord answered my cry in 2006 and cherished me by bringing me to a place where I can be one of His sons receiving from Him to give to others. It is such a privilege.

I pray that those I meet will be touched by the love of the most wonderful One in the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ.