As with all blood brought, mouth confessing and heart receiving believers I longed to know the Word of God and it’s purpose. I received the Lord in my youth and many years later came to realize I was living my Christian life in name only. I owed so much unto the gaining of the person of Christ, not merely religion, doctrine nor organization but a deeper sense of the reality of the faith in Christ.

My salvation was rekindled after many years of not meeting or even praying. While teaching in the Bahamas, a student invited me to attend her church. It was only a few days earlier, before the invitation, while leaving a  grocery store a beggar stood outside and asked if I could give him any change. I complied. Within a few steps of departing, something inward spoke saying “you didn’t give him much, you can give more.”

The next day, I recalled the happiness expressed on the face of my young student while she watched me taking a seat in the back row of the church. I purposely sat in the back to allow for an easy exit if I wasn’t feeling the “church thing.” Shortly, the Pastor began his sermon. “How much are you willing to give….” The sermon continued, as the Pastor reference Romans 12:1 …”present your bodies a living sacrifice…”, from that day even until now the supply and grace of The Lord has kept me. My Christian life, over many years, now has allowed me to realize and experience God’s purpose of His salvation that we as His children would be reconciled to Him through the death and life of His Christ.

For years I have been impressed with God’s unique way of faith, the cross. Our Christian life is a race to win the prize. (Philippians  3:12-14) I founded my heart open to believers and the fellowship of Christ. Often before The Lord in prayer, I asked Him to supply & strengthen me into the inward man. My wife and I prayed Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:16-21faithfully for a period of some two years. I/we were desperate to know God’s word in reality, not the Sunday only experience of our past.

The Lord is faithful to all who seek Him. It was while working with a major aerospace company I met a brother who began to fellowship his enjoyment and experiences in his “church life.” Shortly thereafter we began to attend Bible fellowship in the home of this brother & his family along with other believers. My wife & I both sensed and enjoyed the life in God’s word and were greatly refreshed by the growth of life of what we heard and saw in these saints. I realize growth in life requires many years unto maturity by the process of our taking “eating” God’s word, just as our need to eat physical food daily.

Today my view and vision of God’s purpose is our growing unto maturity in the oneness of the house/building of God, the church, the body of Christ, where He and we can mutually abide. I am very touched with Hebrews 12:12-14, (Recovery Version, footnote) the writer points out — the Christian life is not a matter of theoretical doctrines for the mind to think about. It must consist of practical paths for our feet to walk on. Hebrews ministers to us the highest and healthiest doctrines conceding Christ and His new covenant. Then, based on the proper doctrines that it shows us, it charges us to run the race and make straight paths for our feet.

I believe, as all believers, we desire the kingdom of God to be fully manifested as we all are being fully reconciled and separated unto our Lord in our faith and living. “Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness over these thirty five years.”

James Justice