I was saved and received the Lord Jesus eight years ago. I was going thru a family crisis and my life was in despair. I prayed desperately every day asking the Lord Jesus to help me.

Then one day the Lord Jesus answered my prayer. A co-worker of mine named Ramon at work that had been saved and received the Lord many years ago noticed I was troubled and he asked me if I was alright. I am a type of person that does not open up to anyone to talk and discuss my personal life. However that day I was touched by the Lord and I began to tell Ramon about my situation. He asked me politely if we can have lunch together that day and that he would like to bring his Bible. After having lunch together Ramon asked me if he can share a verse in his Bible. I said yes and he read to me Romans 10:13 “For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” He shared the footnote and asked me if I would like to be saved. I replied to him and said yes I would like to be saved and we began to call on the name of the Lord “Oh Lord Jesus” repeatedly. Then suddenly my anxiety went away and felt at peace.

Afterwards Ramon asked me if I would like to begin a daily Bible fellowship with him. I agreed and he gave me a copy of the Bible he was using. We would read a verse during lunch break at work and another verse at night before I go to bed. I thank the Lord Jesus every day for saving me and for the sovereign arrangement from my prayers. Let us Praise Him and Glorify his name.